A few lines about me.

My name is Antonio Bistouras
I am son of a Greek father and a Venezuelan mother.
I did my military service in Greece.
I speak 4 languages.
My fondness for photography began with a Canon AE-1, –yes, an old time camera, with film reel and totally manual–, a camera I inherited from my father.

I have worked as an events photographer in the region of Tarragona for the last 18 years.

I have covered the most important events held every year; Carnival of Tarragona, Disfressa DOr, Games of the Mediterranean Tarragona, Tot Nuvis Reus, Trapezi Festival de Reus, Coso Blanco de Salou, Shopping Fashionde Salou, Nits Daurades of Salou and much of the concerts held on the Costa Dorada.

I am also the owner and photographer of the digital agenda https://costadoradaonline.net

If you need to have a collection of memories of your visit to Tarragona or surroundings do not wait any longer. I will be happy to be your accompanying photographer during your visit.
You will be able to take with you a photographic book of your visit through the most important places of Tarragona, a photographic book that you will always remember.

Do not hesitate to contact me and tell me about your project, surely we all be glad with the results!

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Il will travel to Barcelona if you are staying there.

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