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Portraits, these are my last photo shoots

It would be very useful to be able to talk and meet each other shortly before the session, so to comment on the needs you have for your photo session.

In your portrait session this is when we discuss which parts of your body you feel more confortable with, so we can focus on them. 
We will try to highlight them as much as possible.
We will also discuss what are you like as a person, what kind of personality you have; chearful, serious, etc.

Therefore, if you, for example are mainly cheerful and optimistic, then we will work on cheerful gestures and attitudes. And we will also use appropriate clothes and accessories.

A portrait session has to be above all a fun experience. This has to be a fun experience for everyone, enjoying an experience that few people have the opportunity to live.
After all, ¿how many peope you know that have their potraits taken?

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